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After Kojak finds out some information about Grenfell from two well-dressed sergeants from NYPD's Forgery and Bonds department, Collins (George Wyner) and Way (Harvey Fisher), Kojak gets Collins and his own man Tracy to follow both Grenfell and the Sheikh. Free shipping for many products! Kojak tells her "He doesn't have a right to kill people." It is not seen when Hagar is fleeing from the cops with the courier through the airport, for example. Kojak calls people "baby," "pussycat" and uses the expression "cootchie-coo.". Taking the time slot of the popular Cannon series, it aired on CBS from 1973 to…. Two of Clifford's men soon arrive there and start shooting up the place. Kojak tells her to get out of town, and when they come to look for her in a few days, if she is not around, they will not pursue her. Fielding goes to the cocktail lounge that evening, after trying unsuccessfully to reconcile with her husband. The music has a certain "gypsy" flavor to it at times, using what sounds like a dulcimer. The cab that Hayward and Keith take to Keith's hotel is driven by a woman. - Duration: 18:00. When Kojak tells McNeil that Luis doesn't have a yellow sheet (a criminal record), McNeil says, "Sirhan Sirhan didn't have a yellow sheet either." She says that Azure phoned her many times, describing her as a "poor child," "a cultural gourmand" who "wanted to improve herself." A hearing involving an appeal for Kilty will be soon conducted by the judge's father, Philip Templeton Mackie, Sr. (John Randolph). The music at the end of the show just fades out. After Kojak gives her his theory that Amber was murdered, her husband appears and soon escorts Kojak out. If the owners will not pay up, their premises are destroyed and customers are threatened or roughed up. When Kojak comes inside asking questions, Eudora says that Leon is a client who has a right to privacy. Kojak is interested in tracking down a man and a woman who were seen fleeing the building around the time of the fire. Tallman gets word of an investment in a retirement village, and wants to torch the company in order to collect insurance money that can be used to finance this. Favorites. Hayward kills both Corso and Haldelman, then goes after Yager. Conforti's father also tracks Campbell down, and almost shoots him dead, except a passing truck interferes with his aim. A movie theatre close to the jewelry store that is robbed at the beginning of the show is showing. Unfortunately, Nancy also dies from her gunshot wound. Offended, Eudora leaves, but not before Kojak shows her an artist's sketch of Leon, which she ignores. Kojak handles Lisa totally with kid gloves, because she can't remember what happened the night of the murder. Kojak totally berates Billy, who knew Azure way back when they were junkies together, calling him a "little creep." Kojak tells him to get back to work. With Telly Savalas, Dan Frazer, Kevin Dobson, George Savalas. HOWEVER ... there are two problems. Kojak and McNeil have no luck when listening to a tape of Blaise's demands, but they notice on the letter Lillian was forced to write, telling her husband she was going away for a few days, that the ZIP code is wrong, and is actually a license number. This causes the water to drain out and the truck to stop running. Sgt. During a séance with him, she metamorphosizes into Leon's late father Walter who tells his son "You frighten me today." Leon returns to the bar. 5.0 1 rating. Kojak tells Fielding she should stop smoking. The blast he gives the two of them is pretty extreme. Ramirez is described by Kojak as "a passing car thief." Grenfell, an arrogant jerk who made millions before he was thirty, gives Kojak a lot of mouth. A Greek song, "After Now," is heard on the soundtrack, sung by Demosthenes (George Savalas). Kojak and Crocker go to the college where her father is to pick Janet up that evening. To make a partial deposit on this investment, Tallman borrows money from a loan shark, Leonard Tapler (Nate Esformes). When Kojak arrives at Fisher's hideout, you can see "Los Angeles Loan" in the background. While the end of the show is its weakest part, it does have one interesting stunt which looks extremely dangerous, where a guy who ends up on the hood of the limousine is dumped in the ocean while the car itself runs into the edge of the dock. Later when Grenfell is getting nervous about the Sheikh going to do business with someone other than himself (which is Paulus), he says "There's no way a Jew can cheat an Arab on a deal like this. Becker takes a chance, which turns out to be the correct move. Fortunately, Tallman is disarmed and he is arrested along with Hackley and taken away. This is a list of episodes of the television series Kojak.. She is described by Kojak as "just a simple young little housewife waiting to join her soldier husband overseas." Not surprisingly, Cass is not seen in the show after this point. After Waverly is killed, Kojak bluntly asks Paula if these "other men" might have knocked off her husband because they wanted him out of the way, something which causes her to throw a glass at him. When Crocker and Thompson return to Obitsky's and the truck breaks through the gate, a lot of paint spills out of the back (which later gets on Crocker's pant leg as he kneels to fire his gun at the truck). Kojak goes to the Marauders' clubhouse and hassles one of the gang members, Robert Xavier Jurgen (Ian Scott). Doris Holloway (Lynnette Mettey), is on his way back to town he suddenly realizes there is something fishy about the way a call was made to the motel concerning some real estate transaction involving Sandler which involved Stavros back at the office. Steppenwolf's, When Maus is attacking Leibowitz, the soundtrack has shrieking violins reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann's score for. Leon says that what he has done "could happen a lot." Then he pushes a bookcase over on Vane. When Kojak wakes Valano up at home with a phone call, he says he is "the Greek sandman." There she confronts Hagar and shoots him dead. I don't see how the pulley system could have been used, because on the Alponse Hotel end (York's room, 224), there are bars on the window. Unlike most of the cars on the show, the cop car seen at the beginning of the show has a blue license plate with number 4508. They are "doing it" while the old lady is out on the town. Tracklist 01 Meow Baby 3:51 02 Summer In A Hummer 3:43 03 No Ordinary Love 4:39 04 Imagine (Featuring Howard Hewett) 4:26 05 The First Time 4:38 06 No Words 3:39 07 South Beach Serenata (Featuring Hubert Laws) 4:04 08 Gotcha! Kojak accuses Billy of having a hand in Azure's demise, but Billy, who is a junkie, is totally shocked. In a nick-of-time finale, they confront Blaise, who is shot dead, and Lillian is rescued. The only difference between her and you is that she is smart enough to see this is the only offer you've got." Although the Saint Theresa is currently a parking lot, Stavros finds information in the records for the place archived elsewhere that O'Reilly's hotel room was paid for by Kauldor and another conventioneer named Myron Joyce (Don Hanmer) shared O'Reilly's room. There are a couple of process shots in this show taken from the front of Kojak's car, something unusual for this show. Kojak is torn between hating Kaufman for betraying his badge and sympathy for the guy: at the end, Kojak puts his coat over Kaufman's dead body, but removes his (Kojak's) badge from the front pocket. Even Polucci has a transparent board where he draws up a flow-chart of all the bosses, consiglieri and lower-level gang members. When Divine's lawyer Tom Nolan (Bill Morey), who has a tell-all letter that he is supposed to take to the cops if anything happens to his client, tries to deliver it, he is confronted by Lou Handleman (Robert X. Modica), a syndicate hit man who murdered Wicks' father. A metal clip from an Ace elastic bandage is a major clue connected with the judge's murder. There is a stock shot of a police wagon in front of the station house. The Mafia types during this show take great pains to distance themselves from being criminals. After Kojak talks to Carlucci on the phone and connects Maus to Leibowitz's murder, Carlucci realizes that he has to divorce himself from his informer. Kojak manages to get some information out of Marsden's housekeeper, Dorothy Cunningham (Tracy Reed), who prefers to be addressed as "Ms. Miller's birth date, revealed by the computer, is November 2, 1949. This story is interesting, primarily for the character of Milner, who, as played by Bradford, is one cool customer. Joyce, who says his name is "like a famous Irish author," lives with his invalid mother (Angela Clarke), who suffers from some unspecified condition which causes her to have major anxiety attacks, among other things. Kojak meets Watkins, who he has to be friendly to as per orders received from McNeil, but locks him in a room where they are observing things inside the Hippodrome. They arrive at the City University where Hackley teaches, just as Tallman is about to shoot him. Hagar follows Waverly around, confronting him in a parking garage and shooting him. Hagar disguises himself and steals a limousine. The replacement truck, following a certain route, is put of action after a gypsy scammer who specializes in letting cars run into him as he crosses the street does his routine, stopping this truck for some time. Kojak chews a stick of gum in this episode. During the funeral, as Farley views Azure's body, Billy Jo suddenly appears and takes a shot at him. Yantzee is brought back to his apartment where Kojak grills Lula and him, telling him, "You're so busy fulfilling the prophecy of your own doom, you're not even taking care of yourself." Kojak, Crocker and Stavros go to Hayward's place, where Hayward is across the street ready to shoot Kojak. Kojak's men find nothing at Milner's place they can use against him. Sandler, however, is having serious problems about testifying before the grand jury and is also offered protection. Kojak : Season 5. Kauldor tells Kojak that he manufactures toys and games, and O'Reilly had done some work for him; that's why he paid for the room. Shelby has convinced her brother-in-law, a master sergeant in the US Army's 12th Tactical Group at Fort Benning, Georgia currently on leave, to get revenge for her sister's death. Gradually she manages to recover her memory, but Joyce is going up the wall because of the police snooping around. At the end, Kojak tells Campbell that even if he kills Janet, Kojak will take his knife away and "one experienced policeman will become an inexperienced rabbi." Not only that, Waverly was aware of "other men" in her life. This episode required multiple viewings to figure out some of the things that were going on, and there are some problems with the script. There is an ass-covering line for this inequity in the script uttered by Weaver that "Those elevators ain't known for settin' any records.". Kojak calls on the "indispensable" Milner, who offers his services ... for a million dollars. After being pursued in their car by cops, they flee on foot, stashing the paper in a rolling shopping cart owned by an elderly Hassidic Jew. Kojak, who was hanging out with Sandler and her two "guards," Crocker and Sgt. At one point, the movie Harry In Your Pocket is shown playing at the Forum Theatre in the background. have already seen their faces! The theater's marquee can be seen above the sidewalk. Saved by Kymberly Pray 1. The two of them sit down in the lobby close to the front door while Kojak watches them from outside on the sidewalk, sucking on a Tootsie Pop. Whether this is a real product or not is a good question. Eudora's phone number is PLaza 34598. I grew up in England in the '70s where, Kojak, rather bizarrely, on reflection, was a CULT in its time. Benny tells Kojak and Weaver about the diamond aspect of Paula's deal with Hagar, which is all he has been told by Waverly. (? I did not like this show at all the first time I watched it, though subsequent viewings have softened my opinion, despite the fact that at times the episode seems overly complicated and ill-written. But when Kojak tells Billy that Azure is dead, Billy looks like he has been hit in the face with a mackerel and Kojak's reaction shows that he knows Billy didn't do it. Getting desperate to show the other gangs in town that they are worthy of attention, Loo's gang kidnaps the bed-ridden Don Frank "Cheech" Scalesi (Michael Constantine), along with his male nurse Joey (Carlo Grasso) and a fridge full of medicine. Copyright ©2016-2017 by Mike Quigley. Stavros celebrates his birthday during the show, and people give him so many plants he can hardly be seen at his desk. Eudora finally admits to Kojak that she knows Leon was the one doing the murders, but still will not admit he is the one in the sketch. David Roth, uncredited actor). Sandler, though rattled, gets back to town and finally testifies before the grand jury. Neff calls Hagar to confirm details about when the courier will arrive. Paulus gets Oliver to override this when the Sheikh is visiting his office so that stolen items appear to be legitimate. Later, Kaufman gets greedy and wants to also be put on retainer for $500 a month, which Howard refuses to do. One of them has the headline "Police Hunt Youth Slayer"; the article below is the usual bogus text. Janet's relationship with her boyfriend Tony (Brendan Burns), to whom she is engaged, seriously deteriorates. Of course, this is not what it seems. The father then says "You're a loving son, Leon," to which Leon replies, "It's all right then?" When Billy Jo runs out of the building, he is gunned down by one of the thugs who killed Azure. As Kojak is writing "The Matcher" (meaning "the arsonist") on a blackboard during a meeting with the men from the station about the case, he starts to write it as "The Math ...," but then overwrites the "h" with a "c" and continues with the rest of the word. Here's a … The ending would have been better if Kojak had kept the wife close to the bomb, which might have made Milner a bit more co-operative. This show is very good in the way it depicts Hayward, a man who says "I've done nothing" with his life and the highly-motivated Keith. Gil Weaver (Roger Robinson) and Stavros talk to Eddie Maxwell (Sam Laws), a pimp, and Savannah (Jean Wiles), a former madam, about Azure, and suspicion falls on Billy Jo, but he has skipped town. Kaufman tries to make it look like she was the victim of foul play, but at this exact time, Kojak just happens to be arriving at Miller's apartment. Kojak refers to Stavros as both "Baldy" (??) Seymour suspects the two of them are having an affair. On the way back to the station, Yantzee manages to escape by overpowering Weaver. The Sheikh and Kojak both go to visit Paulus, but Kojak has made a serious error pretending to be this Greek millionaire, because there is a real such person who is currently in Venezuela, something which Oliver quickly finds out. Before he leaves, Kojak makes sure that Keiler knows that receiving stolen merchandise is a crime. When Kojak says that Luis can either talk now or can be taken downtown, Luis replies, saying "Why should I make your life easier? ... How will you explain [to your brother, who was in love with Amber] the death of your precious concubine?" For some reason, the bomb disposal truck says ANGE on its rear instead of DANGER. After a police officer is killed in a routine traffic stop, Kojak discovers the people responsible are part of a large insurance and auto theft operation. Somewhat more serious is the business of how Farley is identified. The license plate which helps track her down is 624 CLE. He tells Kojak "I've always found most stamps much more meaningful than most people's lives." But wasn't direct-dialing long distance, where you didn't have to go through an operator, already in place in the late 60's? He is obsessed with getting a unique German stamp, known as the "sister," normally paired up with a similar stamp known as "the brother." Arthur Mackey (M.P. They don't seem that far away. A bag of chestnuts which Maus buys from a street vendor costs 40 cents. The ID expires December 31, 1974. Kojak's deception as a con man uncovered, he is taken by Chrissy and Paulus to the docks where, with the help of some other thugs, he will be executed. We can see that the monitor in the surveillance truck has typical mediocre video resolution, so it is impossible that a freeze-frame could be blown up with 35mm photographic clarity to reveal from Farley's class ring on his pinky finger that he went to Cornell University (where he graduated in 1971). At the brokerage firm which handled the certificates, Kojak grills both Templeton, the man who scheduled the delivery and Laughlin, who bundled the package. When he hears about Wexler dying, Yantzee figures he should get out of town, but he is cornered by Gil Weaver (Roger Robinson) in a public playground as he meets with Lula to say goodbye. CREEM Magazine. When Kojak calls Milner for help, McNeil says "I hope you're calling Dial-A-Prayer." Kojak is also seen sucking on Tootsie Pops during the show. At the room across from Yager's where he was attempting to kill her, Hayward leaves a pen with his initials, as if he wants to be caught. At the beginning of the show, when Kojak and Crocker go to Obitsky's, Crocker puts the red flashing light on the passenger side of the car, but when the two of them arrive at the crime scene, the light is on top of the driver's side. Kojak goes for this. Quotes.net. When he busts in on a meeting that Watkins and Cass are having, Kojak calls both of them "the Snoop Sisters" and Watkins in particular "Super Fed." (Ramirez volunteers to drive the truck, and asks Pataki to tell Jake that he is "a good driver.") Kojak then goes to visit Eudora, interrupting a séance that she is conducting with a couple whose daughter ran away from home and then committed suicide. The textual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know The visual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know Both the textual and visual content are harassing me or someone I know Using her connections in the gypsy community, Marina tracks down this man, Clyde Regan (Lane Smith). Kojak looks through Grenfell's dossier and decides that he is not such a bad guy. When Kojak and the cops showed up at Milner's house earlier, she made a big deal about being called "Moore" and called her husband "Joe. When quizzed as to the history of the "sister" stamp, Fein says that there was "some intrigue" in obtaining it. Kojak gets a breakthrough when a shipment of discontinued Groteck watches used to set off the bombs is traced to a fellow named Williamson (Mike Robelo) who repairs cigarette machines. The word "bastard" heard on this show (from 2 February 1975) predates that heard on Hawaii Five-O (4 January 1979). At the beginning of the show, Fria gets the help of John "Blue" Andrews (Ji-Tu Cumbuka) to actually make the buy. When Kojak busts "respectable businessman" Manny Steiner (Mark Stevens) with half a kilo of heroin on his coffee table, Steiner vows that he will not go to jail. Acting on a tip from Yager, who comes to the office to talk to Kojak, the cops track down Keith's room in the Hotel Kleinsinger in the West Village. Mackey is more than happy to pay this amount, considering what it will cost to put the refinery back on line if the explosion occurs. Even Kojak later thinks that Marina was an accomplice to the robbery after they find she stole Regan's mug shot. Cunningham." During the bust at the end of the show, Lovano takes revenge on the guy who put him in the hospital by punching the guy very badly in the back. At the station house, he is shown holding this record (shots. In L.A., the cops tail Becker and Lee far too closely, even on the freeways. Two years before at the Saint Theresa Hotel, a young woman, Ruth Nelson, committed "suicide" in a similar manner. Kojak visits the suave-looking Milner, who now goes by the name of Joe Moore, at his home, and Milner threatens to launch a lawsuit against the cops because he says he is now a clean living guy who has a wife with two kids from her former marriage and a legitimate job fixing pinball machines. Shortly after this, the building where the company is located goes up in smoke, thanks to Vincent Hackley (David Ackroyd), a chemistry teacher who works as a field investigator for an insurance underwriter, quite likely one who would have given Tallman's company a checkup once a year. An earlier Five-O show supposedly uses this word according to the DVD subtitles, but this is debatable. Turns out that her husband Paul (Steven McHattie) and her sister Shelby Philips (Julie Gregg) are behind the recent deaths. Fein is taken away; Keiler is still depressed about the fact the stamp was burned. The slug from Kojak is determined to be from the same gun that killed Waverly earlier. Check out tiggersprings's art on DeviantArt. As Kojak leaves, he wishes her "pleasanter dreams. This leaves his superior, Lieutenant Leo Becker (Jack Ging), boss of the bomb squad, as the most likely man to tackle the next one. Kojak really doesn't treat Rizzo very well. After the actual bust of Fria takes place outside, Watkins -- who has become more sympathetic to Kojak after what he was told back in New York by Cass -- grudgingly lets Kojak have his man. She chain-smokes like a chimney, and Kojak offers her a Tootsie Pop, saying "You're a nervous wreck.". As Yantzee attempts to run out of Stutz's apartment, he is shot in the side, but as the show ends with Stutz being arrested, it looks like Yantzee will survive. Bruno VeSota plays Revelson (who Kojak calls "Revelton" during his visit), the P.I. Kojak calls Stavros "Baldy" in this episode. Did Ramirez work for Pataki, for example? In the morning, Kojak is at the dentist when he is interrupted by Crocker and Stavros. Meow, baby." Kojak meanwhile gets Obitsky himself to come to the station and, after a process of elimination (and by viewing paint stains on Crocker's pants), they figure out that the crooks are at work at the hotel. Augustine Pataki (Dick O'Neill) and two other men, Juan Ramirez and Jake, break into the locked-up, fenced yard of Obitsky Industrial Painters with the intention of stealing a truck, but they are interrupted by a security guard as well as Stavros, Saperstein and beat cop Thompson (Roger Aaron Brown) who are there on a stakeout watching them. The third-degree of Hayward is imaginatively filmed, with low camera angles. But Ike Watkins (Art Lund), Cass's superior, has a "personal interest" in what's going down because he suspects that the deal is connected with a previous case he worked on involving Cuban-born drug dealer Raul Fria (Alex Colon). They ask $250,000 in ransom, but Giancana's wife Michelle (Sheree North), who is a hot bitch with a toy boy on the side, tells Kojak she couldn't care less. On his first day on the job, he interrupts a gangland execution involving the Fisher and Laggo gangs. As she gets into her nightgown and talks about her husband who is away on business, Leon, who is in the next room, is crying. Sandler is a Jewish mama type, using expressions like "schmegehgeh" (a big idiot) to describe her employer Koster after he is abducted. While he is doing this, playing one gang against the other, Kojak becomes aware of a third gang, and he manages to put them away as well. The father, who owns a gun, is already thinking of taking matters into his own hands. This is interesting, because in S04E21, there is a reference to Saperstein being out because his "kid" had a skateboarding accident! When Sherry terminates her services with Miller because she and her husband want to leave town after getting the $10,000 windfall, Miller threatens to expose Sherry for not giving her her money's worth of astrological advice. Morton Tallman (Alex Rocco) runs Tallman-Vane Plastics Company with his partner of 9 years, Nick Vane (Ben Hammer). Why would she have entered this particular room on that particular floor? I wear a dress from D&G… We learn several things about Crocker in this show, one of which is that he lives in Jackson Heights. Campbell is arrested and taken into custody. He also knows retro cool when he sees it. Kojak appreciates Milner's help and when he leaves the office, says "Stay clean, baby." Maus tracks down Leibowitz to the Palms Lounge where she hangs out and beats her savagely, before she falls down an elevator shaft (whether Maus pushed her down is not shown). Lavery claims Azure's body from the morgue and has it delivered to a funeral home. Lerman returns with "Meow Baby" Saxophonist back in the groove with February 26th album release No idea why Paul Michael Glaser is a "guest star" in the show and Sian Barbara Allen is a "special guest star." ", and tells them to take the pictures down. Kojak thinks that 246-4200 is a phone number. Leon sits in a chair and says to Kojak, "Okay, now you look at her. Hagar is busted as he tries to get on a plane, and taken to headquarters. Laughlin is particularly uncooperative, and is taken away to the station. Kaufman's camera has a Tele-Takumar lens made by Asahi in Japan. Zohra Lampert, an actress who has specialized in quirky characters over her 60-plus-year career, gives a very good performance, which won her an Emmy. It is picked up by Oliver (Ben Masters), who works for Paul Paulus (Bernard Barrow), a stockbroker who deals in stolen merchandise and who has connections to the mob. After examining several other suspicious fires that have occurred which reveal a pattern in which Hackley is likely involved, Kojak and Crocker pay a visit to Hackley's place, but he is not there. Kojak uses the expression "Who loves ya? When Yantzee returns, Wexler grabs on to him and the two fall to the ground just as Filacchione (Tom Pedi), a waiter from the restaurant, looks out a window and sees what he thinks is a confrontation. Keiler only buys stamps, he never sells them. I'm the expert around here!" Once the replacement truck departs, Regan and his men overpower the one remaining guard, then put this chemical product that stops leaks into the radiator and fill the radiator up with water. The price for this stamp -- now "the single most valuable stamp in the world" -- is still one million. Keiler's fascination with the "lifeblood history" of the stamps he collects, which he describes as "philatomania," is kind of creepy. Stutz has constructed an elaborate alibi for this time frame, also going to the Parking Violation Bureau office, located close to the hospital, where the waits to pay fines are very long, in his case, three hours. Stock shot of Kojak's car merging on to the freeway. In the army, Milner had experience with ordnance and also studied electrical engineering while he was in jail. It’s interesting how meow-free the place usually is – cats are not vocal in the way dogs are, and cat-noise is the exception rather than the rule.

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