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Isn’t it time for some straight answers about how your choice of who services your vehicle affects your warranty?…

My new car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, can I use an independent garage to save on maintenance costs?
Yes you can. In the past, EEC regulations allowed UK main dealers to invalidate your warranty if you had your vehicle serviced outside of the dealer network. Many people are still under the impression that this is still the case. The truth is that main dealers are by law no longer allowed to impose this restriction.

What is the current situation with regard to regulations on vehicle warranties?
In March 2002 the EEC revised the regulations. It is now possible for you to choose where you have your car serviced and at the same time retain your right to warranty cover for faults that may occur within the warranty period. It is now the law that car owners can have their vehicles serviced and repaired by independent specialists WITHOUT AFFECTING THE WARRANTY – providing parts matching original specification are used and the manufacturer’s service schedule is followed.

What about providing the quality service I would expect from a main dealer?

How does an independent organization such as Mackenzies keep up with the latest technology for newer vehicles?
Because of the changes to regulations we now have direct access to the VW Audi Seat and Skoda technical databases where we are able to refer to for any technical or maintenance query.

Do you fit genuine manufacturer parts?
In order to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact we have to fit genuine replacement parts. This enables us to offer a 24 month parts and 12 month labour guarantee against any defect.

Are you able to stamp my service book and reset my service interval?
Yes we are. As an independent specialist we are able to stamp your service history book which, should you ever sell your vehicle, confirms to the new owner that services have been carried out by a specialist to exact manufacturer criteria. The service indicator is automatically reset to the appropriate interval.

I work during the day and will find it difficult to be without a vehicle. Do you have loan cars?
At Mackenzies, unlike many of the main dealers, you do not have to book weeks in advance to get the use of a loan car. When you make an appointment with us we guarantee to be able to provide a VW Polo loan car for use – even if you are only booked in for minor work.

Why should I choose Mackenzies for servicing when I could take my vehicle to any independent garage?

  • Our technicians are VW Audi trained
  • As 100% specialists we use the necessary special tools
  • We use VW Audi diagnostic equipment
  • Our routine service includes scan of all the vehicle’s systems including airbag, ABS, engine management and the vehicle fault memory. Not all independent repairers have the equipment or knowledge to do this
  • We provide you with a comprehensive invoice listing all the correct part numbers – essential for manufacture warranty claims
  • We operate a fixed price policy for all repairs so there are no nasty surprises when you come to pay your bill
  • Our staff are NOT on productivity bonus – so there’s no skimping or rushing to increase work output
  • Special oils may be required for your vehicle – not all independent garages comply with this
  • FREE wash and vac with every service
  • Mackenzies have been established for 30 years
  • Our reputation for reliability and customer service has been hard earned – all work is guaranteed 12 months